Product features

Revisum Port

Revisum Port - Innovative solution to blend distant reality seamlessly into the user environment. It allows full 360 degree remote scene exploration, optimized for the next generation of mixed reality glasses.

Eyesight driven controls

Eye tracking controls such as configurable eye tracking progress bars allow seamless navigation for the users, without any need for controllers.

Personalized adaptable UI

Intelligent UI that adapts to each individual user. Beside being optimized for each user height (making sure your kids will easily reach all item controls) holographic glass panels and hand triggered buttons rotate for optimal angle for best UI experience.

Single and multi node modes

Single or multi point presentations - Single mode provides all showcase items changing like slideshow on the same item holder. Multi node mode allows user to pre-configure environment by placing item holders. System then persist holders in the cloud.

Complete Mixed reality experience

With Revisum XR we made sure that digital and physical realm understand each other and coexist in new and exciting ways. Explore glaciers in full 360 view in the middle of your room. Some of the flurries might find way right into your own reality.

Eyesight triggered hints

Keeping user eyes on predefined areas of interest on each item triggers context hint in the form of the glass panel. It is possible to edit and configure hint properties such as location, hint delay, duration and other properties.

Eye tracking analytics

Advanced analytics may provide areas of the models that attract most interest from the users.

Multi-user showcases

Platform is supporting multi-user scenarios. It is supporting more different showcases shown in the same physical space for different users, or same the showcase shared for multiple users.