Use cases

Create and deploy.

Create innovative showcases in Mixed reality using the Revisum XR platform.

Education - Make own classrooms by uploading and editing education content. Edit descriptions, eye triggered hints, add sounds, configure item rotation, scaling and texts. Set Item collections, and order of appearance in the physical space. Use analytics to analyse interest from your students.

Real Estate - Cut the travel costs of retail estate agents with Mixed reality real estate presentation. Touch one of the rooms on the floor plan and get full 360 3D view through the Revisum port.

Museum on Demand - Create a new type of museum, museum on demand. Be own museum curator. Select museum exhibit before visiting museum. selected collection will wait your arrival in the physical museum space.

Product feedback research - Create quick product research with eye tracking report providing points of interest and user attention analytics.

Tourism - Create innovative virtual tour blending distant reality seamlessly into the physical environment, allowing full 360 3D remote scene exploration, optimized for the mixed reality glasses.

Revisum XR could help transforming medical education by introducing on-demand learning, remote access to educational materials, and objective evaluation

Product showcase

Create your own product showcase and retail experience in Mixed reality using the Revisum XR platform. If you want to present a new line of products, it is possible to create reports where each user spent most of the time (per product and per point of interest) Points of interests are areas that are predefined for each product.

A close-up
A green cup of a coffee on a wooden table
Coffee beans

“Storytelling will be changed everywhere, at work, school and in our living rooms.”


“Thanks to Mixed Reality, students can touch and manipulate objects generating a greater understanding of them.”


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3D scanning


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