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360 VR Player

360 VR player by revisum enables you to change all content you see and be ready to play in one minute. Upload and change: main menu logo, movie icons, 360 backgrounds and video files without need of compiling or changing the app. Just copy paste your videos on device and you are set to go! Supports: Samsun GearVR and Google Cardboard

Project astral CES Cardboard demo

Unity - Google Cardboard

Astral is cardboard demo built in unity and shown at CES 2016, which combines advanced equirectengular video with 3d objects in scene to create flight over a city experience

Spalatum virtual reality experience

Unreal 4 engine - Oculus DK2

Diocletian palace project visualization "Spalatum" is a 4 minute VR experience where the viewer is passing through the palace at 305AD based on reconstruction data (Robert Adam, Hebrard and Niemann) combined with scan data taken from the current palace state. At the end of the experience, the viewers are put on the Roman Trireme where they are able to explore the palace south wall from the sea side. I decided there to use passive "on the rail" passing of the viewer.

Capella degli Scrovergni virtual reality experience

Capella degli Scrovergni virtual reality experience

Unreal 4 engine - Oculus DK2

Visualization project Scrovergni chapel in Padova using hardware VR Oculus DK2 ), created for Expo 2015 presentation of city Padova. We designed advanced UI interface for this project - to make Giotto paintings which are positioned higher (i.e. 2nd and 3rd row in the chapel) clearly visible in all details for our users.

Salona virtual reality experience

Salona virtual reality experience

Unity 4.6 engine - Oculus DK2

Virtual walk through city buildings as forum, porta ceasarea, thermae, and ampfitheatre. All input was used by reconstruction work of Ejnar Dyggve, Danish archeologists and historian who lived in Salona.

Spalatum Trailer

Spalatum 2014 ITF awards: trailer

Capella degli Scovergni



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