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Revisum is all about innovation and discovery that brings out new Virtual Reality solutions using new generation of VR devices. We offer a full range of solutions, products and support, including:

  • Revisum VR multiuser virtual museum
  • Complete virtual reality solutions.
  • Integrate innovative solutions for enterprise grade products.
  • Module and application development.
  • Real time systems.
  • Quality assurance services.

Our first work, "Spalatum" acclaimed special award at International Tour Film festival in September 2014. Spalatum is a project that at its heart wants to provide its viewer a special experience - one that would make them feel that they went back in time. It is using current data of the remainings of Diocletian palace in Split, which combined with reconstruction data gave new 3D model, used to present it in new media - Virtual reality. Oculus DK2 prototype was used to show the experience, which immerses the viewer in the way that they "revisits" the place in its time, when emperor first time visited it in year 305.AD 


Spalatum Trailer

Capella degli Scovergni



After this success, we were recognized by Italian partners, CNA which invited us to collaborate on new attractive project - visualization of The Scrovegni Chapel,  dedicated to St. Mary of the Charity, masterfully frescoed between 1303 and 1305 by Giotto. The goal of this project will be presentation of chapel in VR media in a way that a viewer have true sense of "presence" in it, and to remotely visit chapel in true 3D 360 without leaving its current location. Our new work, "Salona" acclaimed special award on 13.11.2015 at International tourfilm festival in emerging media category.





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